Greek Letter Epsilon (Έψιλον - Ε)


Psilo means "little", therefore epsilon is "little E" or "short E". The letter began in Semitic as "heh", for the "H" sound, or rough aspirate. Their alphabet did not have a letter for this vowel (or most others), so the Greeks used it instead for the short "e" sound, and used a reverse apostrophe to indicate the "h" sound, which in Greek occurs only at the beginnings of words.

"Ε" Letter in mathematics and in science

ε represents:

  • a small positive quantity; see limit
  • a random error in regression analysis
  • in set theory, the limit ordinal of the sequence.
  • in computer science, the empty string.
  • the Levi-Civita symbol.
  • in electromagnetics, dielectric permittivity.
  • emissivity
  • strain

Greek words with "ε"

ελευθερία, εδώ

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