200 Banks Businesses in Thessaloniki:
Alpha Bank - Ampelokipoi Thessalonikis Alpha Bank - Asprovalta Alpha Bank - Charilaou Alpha Bank - Efkarpia Alpha Bank - Evosmos (ant. Tritsi) Alpha Bank - Evosmos (m. Alexandrou 100) Alpha Bank - Evosmos (m. Alexandrou 113) Alpha Bank - Kalamaria (ethnikis Antistaseos 29) Alpha Bank - Kalamaria (vryoulon) Alpha Bank - Kalochori Alpha Bank - Kato Toumpa Alpha Bank - Kordelio Alpha Bank - Kordelio (andr. Papandreou 60 Alpha Bank - Lagkada Alpha Bank - Menemeni Alpha Bank - Nea Krini Alpha Bank - Nea Michaniona Alpha Bank - Neapoli Thessalonikis Alpha Bank - Oraiokastro (argyroupoleos) Alpha Bank - Oraiokastro (komninon) Alpha Bank - Panorama Thessalonikis Alpha Bank - Peraia Alpha Bank - Polichni Alpha Bank - Pylaia Alpha Bank - Sifnos Alpha Bank - Sofouli Alpha Bank - Stavroupoli Alpha Bank - Sykies Alpha Bank - Thermi (georgikis Scholis) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (aggelaki) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (agias Sofias) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (agiou Dimitriou) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (dodekanisou) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (egnatias) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (grigoriou Lampraki) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (i. Dragoumi) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (karamanli Konstantinou) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (komninon) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (leoforos Karamanli Konstantinou) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (leoforos Vasilissis Olgas 109) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (mela Pavlou) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (mitropoleos) Alpha Bank - Thessaloniki (pavlou Mela) Alpha Bank - Toumpa (grig. Lampraki) Alpha Bank - Triandria Alpha Private Bank Voreiou Ellados Aplha Bank Attica Bank - Diavata Attica Bank - Kalamaria Attica Bank - Stavroupoli Thessalonikis Attica Bank - Thessaloniki (karamanli Konstantinou) Attica Bank - Thessaloniki (leontos Sofou) Attica Bank - Thessaloniki (mitropoleos) Attica Bank - Thessaloniki (tsimiski Ioanni) Attica Bank - Thessaloniki (vasilissis Olgas) Black Sea Trade & Development Bank Citibank - Thessaloniki (tsimiski) Citibank - Thessaloniki (vasilissis Olgas) Ependytiki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados (lagadas) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Agios Athanasios Thessalonikis Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Analipsi Thessalonikis Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Ano Toumpa Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Charilaou Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Diavata Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Eleftherio - Kordelio Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Entos Emporikou Kentrou Mediterranean Cosmos - Thermi Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Epanomi Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Ilioupoli Thessalonikis Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Kalamaria (ethnikis Antistaseos) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Kalamaria (komninon) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Kalochori Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Kato Toumpa Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Nea Diagonios Thessalonikis Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Stavroupoli Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (26is Oktovriou 3) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (agiou Dimitriou) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (dragoumi Ionos) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (egnatias) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (konstantinoupoleos) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (leontos Tou Sofou) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (mela Pavlou) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (monastiriou 110) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Thessaloniki (monastiriou 91) Ete - Ethniki Trapeza Ellados - Viotechniko Parko Oraiokastrou Eurobank Ergasias - Evosmos Eurobank Ergasias - Kalamaria (aigaiou) Eurobank Ergasias - Kalamaria (kazazi) Eurobank Ergasias - Kalamaria (venizelou) Eurobank Ergasias - Koufalia Eurobank Ergasias - Lagkadas Eurobank Ergasias - N. Krini Eurobank Ergasias - Nea Michaniona Eurobank Ergasias - Neapoli Thessalonikis Eurobank Ergasias - Oraiokastro Eurobank Ergasias - Panorama Eurobank Ergasias - Peraia Eurobank Ergasias - Polichni Eurobank Ergasias - Pylaia (11o Chlm E.o. Thes/nikis-moudanion) Eurobank Ergasias - Sindos Eurobank Ergasias - Stavroupoli Thessalonikis Eurobank Ergasias - Thermi Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (25is Martiou) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (26is Oktovriou) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (agias Sofias) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (delfon) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (dioikitiriou) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (dragoumi) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (gounari) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (karolou Ntil) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (l. Vas. Georgiou) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (l. Vas. Olgas) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (leontos) Eurobank Ergasias - Thessaloniki (mpotsari M.) Eurobank Ergasias - Toumpa (lampraki Gr.) Geniki Bank - Evosmos Geniki Bank - Kalamaria Geniki Bank - Thessaloniki (karaoli & Dimitriou) Geniki Bank - Thessaloniki (lampraki Grigoriou) Geniki Bank - Thessaloniki (tsimiski Ioanni) Geniki Bank - Thessaloniki (vasilissis Olgas) Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Kalamaria (aigaiou) Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Neapoli Thessalonikis Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Peraia Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Stavroupoli Thessalonikis Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Thermi Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Thessaloniki (25is Martiou) Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Thessaloniki (antigonidon) Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Thessaloniki (delfon) Hellenic Postbank - Neo Tachydromiko Tamieftirio - Thessaloniki (mitropoleos) Hsbc - Thessaloniki Intesa Sanpaolo Konsept Epe Millennium Bank Millennium Bank - Thessaloniki (vasilissis Olgas) Millennium Bank - Thessaloniki (tsimiski) Millennium Bank - Thessaloniki (vasileos Georgiou) Money Cash Gram Nomiki Ypiresia Tachydromikou Tamieftiriou Ellados Pagkritia Synetairistiki Trapeza - Kalamaria Panellinia Trapeza - Stavroupoli Panellinia Trapeza - Thessaloniki (dragoumi) Piraeus Bank - Ampelokipoi Piraeus Bank - Trapeza Peiraios - Menemeni Private Banking Services Societe Generale Sa Trapeza Peiraios - Ampelokipoi Thessalonikis (28is Oktovriou) Trapeza Peiraios - Diavalkaniko Iatriko Kentro Pylaias - Thermi Trapeza Peiraios - Eleftherio Kordelio Trapeza Peiraios - Evosmos (megalou Alexandrou) Trapeza Peiraios - Kalamaria (chaldeias) Trapeza Peiraios - Kalamaria (ethnikis Antistaseos 101-103) Trapeza Peiraios - Kalamaria (ethnikis Antistaseos 22) Trapeza Peiraios - Kalamaria (ethnikis Antistaseos 28) Trapeza Peiraios - Kalamaria (metamorfoseos) Trapeza Peiraios - Koufalia Trapeza Peiraios - Lagkadas (gkosiou Konstantinou) Trapeza Peiraios - Neapoli Thessalonikis (papandreou Andrea 79) Trapeza Peiraios - Neapoli Thessalonikis (papandreou Andrea 92-94) Trapeza Peiraios - Neapoli Thessalonikis (venizelou Eleftheriou 100) Trapeza Peiraios - Neapoli Thessalonikis (venizelou Eleftheriou 30) Trapeza Peiraios - Panorama Thessalonikis Trapeza Peiraios - Peraia (ampelokipon 34) Trapeza Peiraios - Peraia (ampelokipon 46) Trapeza Peiraios - Peraia (ampelokipon 55) Trapeza Peiraios - Pylaia (profiti Ilia) Trapeza Peiraios - Sykies (paraskeva Nikolaou) Trapeza Peiraios - Thermi (karaoli & Dimitriou) Trapeza Peiraios - Thermi (plateia Paramana) Trapeza Peiraios - Thermi (tavaki 40) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (17is Noemvriou) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (25is Martiou 117) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (25is Martiou 133) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (aggelaki 18) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (agiou Dimitriou 77) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (antigonidon) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (aristotelous 13) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (dragoumi Ionos 28) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (dragoumi Ionos 5) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (egnatias 63) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (ermou 35) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (giannitson) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (lampraki Grigoriou 176) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (lampraki Grigoriou 178) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (lampraki Grigoriou 209) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (leoforos Karamanli Konstantinou 170) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (leoforos Karamanli Konstantinou 97) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (leoforos Vasilissis Olgas 148) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (leoforos Vasilissis Olgas 199) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (leoforos Vasilissis Olgas 281) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (leontos Tou Sofou) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (mitropoleos 34) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (monastiriou 139) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (papanastasiou Alexandrou 1) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (vasileos Georgiou 38) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (vasileos Irakleiou) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki (vasilissis Olgas) Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki - Aristoteleio Panepistimio Thessalonikis Trapeza Peiraios - Thessaloniki - Nosokomeio Papageorgiou Uci
Other Types of Businesses in Thessaloniki:
Accountants - Accounting Offices Acupuncture Practitioners Addiction Rehabilitation Advertising - Tourist Brochures Photography Advertising Agencies Advertising Items & Gifts Agricultural - Gardening Equipment & Tools Agricultural Engineers Agricultural Enterprises Agricultural Products, Equipment & Supplies Agronomists, Topographers Air Conditioning Air Freight Air-Fresheners Aircraft & Helicopters: Agents - Hire - Sale - Charter Airline Companies Airports Alcohol Producers and Merchants Alcohol- Wine - Beer - Liquor Producers Alehouse Alignments - Wheel Balancing Allergy Experts Alternative Treatments Aluminium Manufacturers Aluminium Products & Constructions Ambulances Amusement and Theme Parks Anesthesiologists Angiologists Antennas Antique Dealers Antismoking Centres Apiary Supplies & Products Aquariums Architects & Architectural Offices Armed Forces Aromatherapy Products & Herbs Art Galleries Art Painters Art Works & Objects Artists & Art Agencies Asphalt & by-Products Associations - Unions Astrologists Atriums Auctions Audio Visual Equipment & Systems Auditors Auto Spare Parts & Car Accessories Automation Instruments & Supplies Automobiles - Dealers Awning Manufacturing Supplies & Mechanisms Babysitters Bacteriological - Clinical Laboratories Bacteriologists - Clinical Pathology Baggage Trailers & Trailers Bakeries Bakers Subsidiary Supplies Bakery & Biscuit Making Machinery Bakery, Restaurant & Patisserie Equipment Balance - Scales Ball Bearings Baloons Banks Bar Coding Barbecue Grills Bathroom Equipment & Accessories - Sanitary Ware Batteries Beads Beauty Salons & Weightloss Centres Beer Producers and Merchants Bicycles Biological - Ecological Products Biologists Bird Shops Biscuits - Cookies Blankets Blinds Blocked Pipes Clearance Blue Print & Autographic Paper Boarding Houses Boats Sea Assistance - Ship Towing Boiler Manufacturers Boilers & Circulators Book Binders Bookbinding Equipment & Supplies Bookstores Bookstores (on-line) Bottled Gas: Industrial, Medical Bottlers & Bottling Machinery & Equipment Boutiques Bowling Centres & Billiard Parlors Box Making Machinery Brake Parts Branding Consultans & Agencies & Graphic Design Bread & Pastries Brooms & Brushes Building Contractors Building Iron Building Refurbishing - Restoration Building Tools & Materials Buildings - Decorative Supplies & Hardware Business Centers & Mail Services Business Consultants Business Directories Buttons Cafes - Coffee Bars & Bars Call Centres Camping Sites Candle Makers Candle Shops Canning Machinery Car & Motorcycle Exhausts - Catalytic Converters Car & Motorcycle Repair Shops Car Alarms & Stereo Systems Car and Motorcycle - Electrical Repairs Car Bodies Car Body Repairers & Painters Car Care and Repairers Car Dealers Car Radiators & Car Radiator Parts Car Rentals Car Repair Car Repair, Service Station & Garage Machinery & Equipment Car Shock Absorbers Car Upholstery Car Wash Equipment Car Washers Carburetors Cardboard Manufacturers Cardiologists Carpenters - Woodwork Carpentry Machinery & Tools Carpet Cleaners Carpets Cars - Air Condition Cars - Electrical Supplies Cars - Locks Cash Registers Casinos Cast Iron & Related Products Catering Cellular Telephony Cement Cement Products Cemeteries Central Heating Ceramic Industry Machinery Ceramics - Pottery Chains Chairs Chambers Cheese Products Chemical Industry Raw Materials & Machinery Chemical Laboratories Chemical Products Chemical Toilets Chemists & Biochemists Child Psychiatrists Children Furniture Children Wear - Baby Products Children's Parties Children's Shoes Chimneys China Processing & Chinaware Chiropractic Chocolate Church Supplies Churches - Monasteries - Metropolises Cinema Films: Importers - Distributors Cinemas Citizen Service Centres City & Town Planners Civil Affairs Bureaus (Public & Private Sector) Civil Engineers Cleaners & Dyers Cleaning Machinery Cleaning Services Cleaning Supplies Clinics Clothes Shops – Men's Clothing - Footwear (on-line) Clothing Items & Accessories Clowns Clubs: Cars & Motorcycles Coach Rental - Bus Rentals Coffee Coffee Grinding & Roasting Shops Coffee Roaster Equipment Coffee Shops - Coffee Bar & Billiard - Pool House Equipment Coins - Dealers Colleges Commercial Agents Commercial Vehicles Communities Compressed Air & Oil Machinery & Tools Computer and Internet Training Centers Computer Applications & Networks Computer Peripherals & Accessories Computer Software Concrete - Prestressed Concrete, Repair Materials - Additives Confectioneries Confectionery - Patisserie Products Confectionery - Patisserie Raw Materials Ingredients Confectionery Machinery Conference Centre & Theatre Equipment Conrete - Manufacture & Delivery Conservatories Construction Equipment Construction of Sport Facilities Consulates Consultants - Communication & Planning Containers Contractors - General Contractors - Mechanical & Electrical Works Control Systems Cooperative Organizations Copper & Bronze Goods - Products & Works Cork Processing Cosmetics Cotton Production, Processing & Products Cotton Wad Courier Services Courts Crates & Boxes Creative Activities and Study Centers Cremation Creperies Cultural Centers Curtain Rails Custom Made Doors Customs Brokers Customs Service Cutting & Hand Tools Cutting & Sewing Contractors & Machinery Cylinder Reboring & Regrinding Cytologists Dairy- Cheese Products Equipment & Raw Materials Dance Schools Dancing Groups Data Banks Data Management Dating Agencies Day Care Centers Decentralized Administrations Decoration Items & Materials Decorations Decorations - Holiday Deliveries - Warehousing Demolitions Dental Technicians & Dental Laboratories Dentists Dentists - Oral Surgeons Dentists Equipment, Tools & Supplies Department Stores Dermatologists - Venereologists Detecting Equipment Detergents: Importers - Manufacturers - Indusrty Detergents: Wholesalers - Retailers Diabetologists Diagnostic Centres Diamond tools Digital Printing - Offset Disability & Orthopaedic Requisites Divers Diving - Scuba Diving Doctors - Other Specialities Domestic Animals Hotels Domestic Animals Training Domestic Electrical Appliances Door & Window Frames Doorphones - Door Tvs - Intercom Drafting Service - Architectural Design Draining & Irrigation Machinery, Tools & Supplies Draperies & Curtains Drawing & Painting Supplies Dress Makers - Seamstresses Dried Fruit & Nuts Drilling - Cement Injections Driving Schools Drum / Barrel Dry Cleaner & Laundry Machinery & Supplies Dvd - Cd E-Commerce Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist - Otolaryngologist Economists - Financiers Electric Equipment Electric Motors Electric Tools Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Electrical Appliances - Repairs & Service Electrical Installations Electrical Supplies Electricians Electricity Suppliers Electrodes Electronic & Video Games Electronics Elevators Embassies Embroidery Employment Agencies Enamellers Endocrinologists Energy - Renewable Sources Energy Inspectors Engineering & Industrial Constructions Engineering Equipment Engineers - Consulting Engineers - Electronic Environmental Protection Systems, Studies & Planning Environmental Works Consultants Equipment, Public Sites & Buildings Event - Exhibition - Conference Planners and Suppliers Explosives Fabric Painting Fabrics (General) Factoring Services - Agencies Farm Chemicals Fashion Stylists & Dress Designers Fast Food Faux Bijoux Fencing Fencing Wire Fertilizers Films - Safety & Solar Filters Fire Extinguishers – Fire Safety Fire Service Fireplaces Fireworks Fish Fisheries Fishing Companies Fishing Equipment Fixing Systems & Structures Flags, Cups, Trophies & Badges Floors - Mosaic Tile Terrazzo Floors Floors - Special Requirement Florists Flour Mill Machinery Flour Producers, Agents, Dealers Flowers & Plants - Artificial Foam Rubber & Plastic Foam Folk Art - Souvenirs Food Delivery Food Processing Equipment Food Products Manufacturers Raw Materials Food Suppliers Foods Foods & Other Goods Delivery Foods - Canned Foods - Frozen Foot Therapy Footwear Manufactures - Agents - Importers Footwear Repairing & Technicians Forage - Chicken & Fish Feed Foreign Exchange Brokers Foreign Institutes Foreign Language Schools Forensic Surgeons - Coroners Foresters - Tree Specialists Forestry Works & Products Foundations Fountain Construction Franchising Fresh Meat Fruit & Vegetables Fruit Juices Fruit Shops Fumigations - Disinfections Funeral Parlors Furninure Manufacture Supplies & Materials Furniture Furniture - Used, Sales & Restoring Furniture Refinishing Furs Galvanizing Garden & Camping Goods Garden Furniture Garden Landscaping & Maintenance Gas - Bottled, Equipment & Supplies Gas Stations Gasoline & Diesel Engines & Motors Gastroenterologists General Practitioners Geologists Gifts Shops Glassware Glassware & Chinaware Glassworks Glazing Glue - Raw Materials Go-Karts & Circuits Gold Buyers Gold Stamping Granite Graphic Art Machinery, Supplies & Materials Graphic Arts Graphic Design Graphic Designers Graphologists - Handwriting Experts Greek Police Greenhouses Greeting Cards & Posters Grill House Grocers Gutters - Manufacturing Gyms - Health Clubs Haberdashery & Haberdasher Suppliers Haematologists Hairdressers & Barber Shops - Hair Salons Hairdressing Supplies Hairsalon & Barber Shop Equipment & Supplies Hats Health & Diet Food Health Centres Health Food Health Practitioners Hearing Aids Hearse Manufacturers Heat Accumulators Heating Appliances Homoeopathy Horse Riding Gear Hospital Equipment Hospitals Hospitals - Health Centers Hostels Hotel & Tourist Enterprises Hotel Equipment & Furnishings Hotels Household Articles Hunting Equipment, Supplies & Firearms Ice Cream Ice Dealers IEK - Vocational Training Institutes IKA ETAM - Social Insurance Institute Independent Authorities Industrial Air Conditioning Industrial Electrical Appliances Industrial Goods Industrial Tools Insecticides - Pesticides Instruments - Measuring & Test Insulating & Damp-Proofing Materials Insulation Contractors Insurance - Insurance Agents Intellectual Property Organizations International Transport Internet Cafes Internet Service Providers Internet Web Design Interpreters Investment Consultants - Financial Consultants Iron & Stell Plates Iron - Commercial Iron Works Ironing Machines Ironing Service Irrigation Systems Contractors IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation Jams & Jellies Janitorial Supplies - Sanitary Articles Jewellers Equipment, Machinery & Supplies Jewellery Jewellery Engraving & Goldsmiths Journalists - Editors Judicial Officer Jugglers KEK - Vocational Training Centers Kidney Specialists Kitchen Furniture Knitting Machines & Knitting Equipment Knitwear Laboratories - Enology Lace Ladders Landscape Architects Laser Equipment - Processing - Products Laundries - Self Service Lawyers Lead & Related Products Leasing Leather Goods Leather Tanners - Manufacturers Leather, Importers & Exporters Libraries - Municipal Libraries Lifeguard Services Lifting Equipment Light Bulbs Lighting & Lighting Studies Lighting Fixtures Lime-Burning Linens Liquor Stores Locks & Locksmiths Lottery Agents LPG Car Conversions LPG Stations Lubricants Lumber Timber Luxury Car Rental Machinery Accessories & Components Magnets Management Systems Manicurists - Pedicurists Maps & Charts Marble Marble Processing Machinery & Tools Marble Works Margarines Marinas Marine Contractors Marine Engines Marine Equipment & Supplies Market Research Massage Mastologists Mattresses Maxillofacial Surgeons Meat Market Equipment Meat Markets Medical Equipment & Supplies Medical Exams Copies Medical Instruments, Tools & Supplies Medical Physicists Men's & Women's Clothing & Accessories - Outlets & Wholesalers Metal Foundries Metal Furniture Metal Painting - Anodic Coating & Powder Coating Metal Parts Metal Plating & Supplies Metal Signs & Road Marking Signs - Lineation Metal Work Machinery Metal Workshop Metallurgy - Machinery & Equipment Metals Metals - Soldering, Cutting Midwives Military Equipment & Uniforms Milk & Dairy Products Mineral Water - Drinking Mining Companies Mining Engineers & Metallurgists Ministry of Citizen Protection Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning and Religions Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Ministry of Finance Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Ministry of Labour and Social Security Ministry of National Defence Ministry of Regional Development, Competitiveness and Shipping Ministry of Rural Development and Food Mirrors Model Agencies Motion Picture Equipment & Supplies Motorcycle Accessories Motorcycle Importers - Agents Motorcycle Spare Parts Motorcycles & Scooters - Rental Motorcycles & Scooters Dealers Motorway Rest & Service Areas Moulds & Castings Moves & Transports Mowing & Hedge Trimming Machines Multi Purpose Vehicles - Dealers Municipalities - Communities - Municipal Units Museums Musical Instruments National Transporters Natural Gas & L.P.G.: Equipment, Design, Installation & Distribution Naval Architects - Shipbuilders Neckties Neurologists Neurosurgeons News Agencies Newspaper Agencies Newspapers & Magazines Newsprint - Computer - Printer Paper Night Clubs Notaries Novelties Clothes Nuclear Medicine Physicians Nurseries - Trees & Plants Nurses OAEE - TEBE - TSA - TAE Obstetricianss, Gynecologists Occupational Health Doctors Occupational Therapy Oculists Office Equipment Office Furniture Office Supplies OGA Oil Presses Olive Oil & Products Olive Oil Producing Machinery Olives Oncologists Optical Shops Orchestras - Music Bands & Musicians Orthodontists Orthopaedists Osteopathy Specialists Ouzo - Tsipouro Restaurants Ovens Ovenware Packaged Food Packaging & Styling Packing Machinery & Materials Paediatric Surgeons Paediatricians Paint Industry Raw Materials Painting Contractors Painting Equipment Paints & Varnishes Paints - Ship & Ledges Paper - Wrapping & Packing Paper Lamination & Pasting Paper Manufacturing Machinery Paper Mills Paper Processing Paper Products Parking Parliament - Members of Parliament - Political Parties - Political Offices Parquet Flooring Pasta Pastry Shells - Pies - Croissants Pathologists Pawnshops - Pawnbrokers Pellet - Firewood Perfumery & Cosmetics Raw Materials Perfumes Personal Computers Personal Development Consultants Pet Coiffure Petroleum Companies & Refineries Pets Pharmaceutical Industry Raw Materials Pharmaceutical Products Pharmaceutical Products & Cosmetics Industry Machinery Pharmacies - Drugstores Photocopying Services Photographers - Photographic Studios - Photolabs Photographic Equipment & Supplies Photojournalists Photovoltaic Phtocopying Machines Physikotherapy Physiotherapists Physiotherapy & Beauty Treatment & Sports Equipment Picture Frames Pillows Pipe Manufacturing Supplies & Ancillaries Pipes Pizza Plant & Machinery Plant & Machinery Work Contractors Plaster Plaster - Ornamental Plastic - Synthetic Materials - Leather Imitation Plastic Floors Plastic Industry Machinery Plastic Industry Raw Materials Plastic Surgeons Plastics & Plastic Products Playground Equipment Playgrounds Plexiglass - Acrylic Products Plumbers Plumbing Supplies Polishing Polycarbonate Sheets Polyester Fabrications Ports - Port Authorities Postal Services Poultry & Animal Farming Machinery & Supplies Poultry Products Power Generators Precious Stones - Gems Prefabricated Building Works Prefectures Preparatory Schools - University / Tutorials - Semester Exams Press Clipping Pressers Prevention Centers Printers - Printing Houses Printing Equipment & Supplies Private Investigation Offices Private Schools Private Trade Schools & Academic Institutions Professors - Teachers - Tutors Prosectors Protective Clothing & Uniforms Psychiatrists Psychiatrists - Neurologists Psychics Psychologists Public Enterprises and Organizations Public Financial Service Public High Schools Public Junior High Schools Public Kindergardens Public Nursery Schools Public Preschools Public Primary Schools Public Relations Public Technical Schools Public Transport - Public Transport Routes Public Vocational Training Institutes Public Welfare Institutions Publications - Publishers Pulleys Pulses - Legumes Pumice Stone Pumps Pumps - Testing Facilities Quality Certification Quarries Quarry & Mine Machinery Radio Stations Radiographers Railing Materials Railings Real Estate Agencies Real Estate Appraisers Reception Halls Record Companies Recovery - Rehabilitation Centers Recycling Refreshments Refrigeration Equipment Refrigeration Equipment Installations, Ancillaries & Supplies Refrigeration Specialists Refrigerator Service And Maintenance Refrigerators - Commercial Refrigerators - Food Storage Refuse Bins, Machinery Regions - Prefectures Registers Of Shipping Religious Icons Remote Control Models Research Centres Research Offices & Companies Residential & Nursing Care - Old People's Homes Resinous Products Respiratory Diseases, Tuberculosis Specialists Restaurants & Taverns Rheumatism Specialists Ribbon & Cord Rice Road Assistance Road Construction Machinery Road Traffic Police Road Transport Roller Shutters Roof Construction Rooms To Let Ropes & Strings Rubber - Plastic Supplies & Products & Processing Machinery Rubbish Disposal, Recycling & Incineration Safes Safety Engineers Salads & Pickled Vegetables Sale, Lease & Repair Of Cranes Sales Consultants Sales Promotion Salt Producers - Processing Sandblasting &- Waterblasting Contractors Sandblasting &- Waterblasting Machinery & Supplies Satellite Systems Sausage Makers Equipment & Supplies Sausages & Cured Meat Products: Manufacturers, Agents, Dealers Sausages & Cured Meat Products: Retailers Scaffoldings School & Nursery School Equipment Schools Of Fine Arts Schoolwork Supplies Scientific Books & Periodicals Scientific Instruments Scientific Research Laboratories Scientific Research Laboratory Equipment Screws Sculptors Sea Shells Sea Transport Seals - Engravings Seasonal Goods Security Systems, Services & Supplies Seeds - Bulbs - Plants Seminars - Conventions -Teleconferences Sewer Cleaning & Construction Sewing Machines Sewing Supplies Sexologists Shared Maintenance Expenses (Building Management Companies) Sharpening Services, Abrasive - Cutting Tools & Ancillaries Shelving Ship Constructions - Ship Yards Ship Equipemnt Ship Fuelling & Supplies Shipping Agents & Brokers Shipping Companies Shirts Shoe Manufacturing Machinery Shoe Manufacturing Raw Materials & Supplies Shoes Retail & Wholesale Shop & Office Fittings Shop Window Fittings & Manequins Sign Language Learning Centers Sign Making Machinery & Supplies Signs Silk Screen Printing - Goods & Supplies Silkscreens & Transfer Designs Silverware Ski Centers Slaughterhouses & Machinery Slippers & Sandals Social Security Organisations Social Workers Socks & Tights Sound Recording Studios Spa Spas - Hot Springs Special Purpose Watches Speech Therapists - Language Pathologists Speedometers & Taximeters Spices Spirits Producers and Merchants Sponges Sport Centers & Schools Sport Clubs & Associations Sports Equipment Sports Gear Spraying Devices Spraying Equipment - Parts Springs Stadiums, Arenas, Gyms, Swimming Pools Stained Glass Stainless Steel Constructions Stamps For Collections Stationery Statues Steel & Steel Products Steel Structures Stem Cell Banks Stickers Stock Farming Products Stock Farms - Poultry Farms - Piggeries Straw Goods Sugar Super Markets Surgeons Surveyors Suspended Ceilings & Partitions Swimming Pools - Water Slides & Fountains Swimming Pools Constructions Swimsuits T.V. & Film Producers Tailors Tanks Tapes & Labels Tattoo & Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Taxi Stations, Radio Taxi Taxidermists Tea Technical Contractors Technologists, Mechanical - Electrical Engineers TEI - Technological Educational Institutions Telecommunication Equipment Telecommunication Services Telemarketing Services Telescopes - Microscopes - Binoculars Television Television Antennas Television Stations Television, Closed Circuits Equipment Temples and Religious Organizations Tents Awnings & Canopies Textile - Tanning Dies Textile Dyeing & Finishing Textile Manufacturers Textile Raw Materials, Supplies & Machinery Theatres Thoracic Surgeons Thread Threads Tile & Brick Workshops Tilers - Roofing Services Tiles Tires & Wheels Tires - Vulcanization Tobacco - Cigars - Cigarettes Tobacco Leaves Tobacco Shops Topographic Instruments & Equipment Tour Guides Town Halls Toys Trade Schools Traditional Local Goods & Products Traditional – Carnival Costumes Traffic Lights Trailers Training - Human Resources Translation Systems Translations Transports Machinery & Conveyor Belts (all types) Trasformers & Rectifiers Travel (on-line) Travel Agencies Travel Equipment Trucks TSMEDE Tutoring For Highschool & University Admission Typing Umbrellas Underwear Uniforms, Workwear & Sportswear Universities - Higher Education Institutions Upholsterers Upholstery Fabrics & Furniture Covers Urologists Used Paper Warehouses Vascular Surgery - Cardiothoracic Surgeon Vehicles Technical Control (KTEO) Vending Machines Ventilation - Ducting Veterinary Supplies, Tools & Medicines Vets & Veterinary Clinics Video Recordings Video Tapes Rental Vinegar - Acetification Vocational Guidance Counselling Wallpapers Warehouses Waste & Drainage Cleaning, Equipment & Materials Waste management Waste-water Treatment Systems Watches Watches - Clocks Repairs Watches Accessories Water Boilers & Solar Systems Water Cleaning & Treatment Machinery & Supplies Water Coolers Wax Products Weaving Mills Wedding and Christening Items Welding Machinery, Tools & Supplies Wheelbarows & Accessories White Iron Wholesale Drugstore - 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